When I didn’t know what to do with the stacks of paintings my son brought home from pre-school, I started photographing them to ensure their preservation. When I reviewed the images and edited them, I was delighted to discover how beautiful and imaginative they were… I realized that I could share his art with our family – namely the Grammas – by reducing it to a personal size and creating a wearable piece of jewelery or even a fridge magnet – now everyone could have his art on their fridge!  Needless to say, it was a hit – a very sentimental, very personal way to share our son’s development and creative abilities with our family members.

The Sponge Flowers were a design my son captured in a Valentine’s Day art project at school.  I loved the colours, shapes, and… well… the spongy-ness of the prints!   They have inspired endless creations… including the name of this new endeavour!

Our son loves that we actively and visibly encourage and promote his interests and creative talents.  An image of one of his early paintings hangs in our dining room… a 20 x 30 reminder that his creativity is important to us.

I would love to help you to capture, customize, and share your childrens’ masterpieces with your loved ones, too.  Drop me an email at and ask me how!


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